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Message from the CEO:


Over the years, I've been asked, "How do you sit and crunch numbers all day? Isn't that boring?"


And sometimes, yes it is. The old adage that Accountants are boring people and that number crunching is mind-numbing is still the cliche when people think of our profession. 

BUT, for me, it isn't true. I fix problems. I offer solutions. I help people. Every day.

For those of you that can build things with your hands, I applaud you. Those of you that have an imagination that runs wild, I adore you. And for those of you that devote your life to helping others, follow your passions, and see a better world ... please don't stop. We need you all.

There are some of us that are good at number crunching. And you need us.

Let Us Do The Bookkeeping. 

Please --- follow your path, feed your family and give back to the community. We've got your books.

Warmest regards,

Jennifer Smith

CEO & Founder

How We Can Help!

Managing your books to withstand constant scrutiny is both daunting and exhausting.

Your passion is moving your mission forward, not worrying about tracking funds and expenses or paying staff. While you focus on running lean to maximize your impact, you can rely on us to manage your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Our Valued Clients Believe In Us.

Pacific Sport Vancouver Island

​"Jennifer at Big Rose Bookkeeping is the best!  She is very knowledgeable about QuickBooks and bookkeeping.  Initially she was able to support and guide me through a number of items, such as setting up budgets, running reports and help with payroll.  She is very good at trouble shooting the unusual and is an excellent teacher. She continues to help us on an as needed basis and we really appreciate her expertise and flexibility."  

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