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Our cash flow reports are reflected in visual graphs and color coded charts along timelines against multiple scenarios to better assist clients in making crucial business decisions. 


We offer consulting to help streamline processes and create defined accounting workflows that your staff can understand and follow. 


We offer full cycle bookkeeping services on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Depending on your company size and structure, we tailor services to meet your requirements. 

Bookkeeping includes:

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Payroll & Source Remittance

GST & PST Remittances

Financial Statements 

Budgeting & Year End Preparation



Our Team are tech savvy and enjoy assisting clients in navigating cloud based accounting software apps. We are pleased to offer additional support to clients utilizing any of our Partner software.


Areas of navigating the finer points of the app, providing an analysis of existing errors with a list of possible solutions, along with tips and tricks for moving forward. 

Construction accounting is significantly more complex than traditional bookkeeping. Being able to track, report, and categorize costs and other expenses in a construction company is important for understanding how to bid on projects, which projects are profitable, how to bill clients accurately and fairly, and how to make the most of your company's resources.

In construction, where revenue is accounted for based on the estimated profit of a contract and what percentage of that project has been completed, it is even more critical to implement cost-accounting methods that enable accurate tracking of expenses to precisely project profit and loss. With a completed contract, the payment would be the full amount, but it is not uncommon for contracts to be left unfinished. This makes it even more critical to implement methods of tracking expenses to accurately project profit and loss. ​


This is where we come in. Our team are detail oriented, thorough, and analytical in their approach to bookkeeping. We take extra care ensuring money is not left on the table due to invoicing or billing data errors and cross-reference all module reports against statements and job contracts. Our clients are paired with a contractor management software platform to keep track of direct and indirect costs resulting in a savings of time and money. Monthly reports are provided for each job reflecting its performance against budget. 

We believe financial abundance can be obtained by anyone and assist our clients with their accounting needs on the road to success.

​"Jennifer at Big Rose Bookkeeping is the best!  She is very knowledgeable about QuickBooks and bookkeeping.  Initially she was able to support and guide me through a number of items, such as setting up budgets, running reports and help with payroll.  She is very good at trouble shooting the unusual and is an excellent teacher. She continues to help us on an as needed basis and we really appreciate her expertise and flexibility."  


“We contacted Jennifer to help us update our invoicing system. She was extremely knowledgeable and took the time needed to teach and explain the new procedures to us. Her rate was reasonable and we will be happy to work with her again when needed”


Our CEO and Founder, Jennifer Smith, is the Treasurer for DASHBC - Dedicated Action for School Health. She proudly sits on their Board of Directors offering financial and fundraising support to their programming.


DASH is a not-for-profit society committed to promoting, supporting and facilitating the creation of healthy school communities in BC. Through their work with numerous cross-sector partners, DASH has facilitated learning, advocacy and the continued practice of delivering healthy school programs.

Big Rose Bookkeeping encourages our website visitors to visit their page.

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