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017 | The Importance of Time Blocking

It can be a challenge for business owners to run a lucrative company and still have a work/life balance. For those of us that have a family, own a business, and want to have a social life plus inject a bit of fun from time-to-time .... well it's a tricky thing to accomplish. Or so it may seem.

All of the things that you may want can be easily accommodated into your life on a daily basis with the very simple practice of time blocking. The concept is simple. The execution is difficult.

Time blocking sets aside a specific set of time in your calendar on a daily or weekly basis where you focus on one thing and one thing only. It is time that is never moved, never changed and becomes a non-negotiable. The trick to making it work is that last part of the previous sentence - it is a non-negotiable.

Set aside one hour 3 days a week and prioritize one thing that will make you feel better, a bit lighter, and feel like you accomplished something important just for you. Promise yourself that no matter what gets thrown your way, the time block you set aside will not change.

It will make a difference. Believe me.

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