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016 | How to streamline your accounting processes effectively in 5 steps.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Lucky for us, the wheel has already been invented so no need to re-create it! The number 1 thing I see in businesses looking for help is their system has failed leaving them behind with their numbers and unsure where they sit financially.

The system has failed because it is ineffective, inefficient and in essence they don't have a system. It benefits your business to take the time to create one that is simple and easy for staff to follow. Building a solid process is similar to building a house - the most important step is the foundation or the framework it sits upon will crumble to the ground.

In 5 simple steps, you can get back on track. Most importantly, follow step 1 and the rest will organically create itself.

  1. Create a workflow roadmap

  2. Eliminate double-entry (no more spreadsheets)

  3. Use technology to digitize the collection of paperwork

  4. Reconcile reconcile reconcile

  5. Run monthly reports and review (seek assistance to understand them)

As always, Big Rose Bookkeeping is here to help. We enjoy seeing our clients #succeed and get back on track. Financial abundance starts with managing your money.

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