• Jennifer Smith

37% of small businesses want their accountant or bookkeeper to provide Accounts Payable services*

According to Relay*, 37% of SMB's need help with their Accounts Payable. The manual process of receiving bills, entering bills, AP aging, cashflow report creation to know when to pay bills, and then filing ... well it is a process. It's time heavy and requires a high level of organization to track and manage. It makes sense that businesses would prefer their bookkeeper handle it.

Our process follows cloud accounting instead of manual receipt, manual entry and paper filing. We offer accounts payable as an option in each of our bookkeeping bundles. Our systems are setup in a way to utilize technology focused methods and streamlined processes to handle each step in less time and more accurately. Clients receive an A/P aging report, a cashflow report and can easily and quickly see a snapshot of their A/P and make smart choices.

For more information, you can book a Discovery Call and we can help find solutions to your A/P pain point problems.

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