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080 | Hot Topic of the Month *When It Just Won't Balance*

No matter how great of a bookkeeper or accountant you are, or how many courses you have taken, you are bound to run into reconciliation problems that you just can't figure out. They will drive you crazy - especially the ones for a mere 0.01 penny 😣

This month we are going to talk about #Reconciling and when it just won't balance.

When you get stuck in the muck and have been working on the same problem like a hamster running the wheel in its cage, it's time to take a moment and remember the big picture. It's a puzzle and all the pieces are there - you just need to figure out the corners, the sky, and ground before you start filling in the middle.

The following list outlines a few of the problem spots and starting points when you need a strategy:

  1. Backward Posting

  2. Transposition Errors

  3. Transactions Posted to the Wrong Bank Account

  4. Double Entry

  5. Missing Entries

Stay tuned for the next post where we break down these 5 areas.

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When It Just Won't Balance

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