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077 | Messy Books

This month we are talking about #MessyBooks and what to do about them.

To get back on track, it is necessary to identify that you can no longer procrastinate. The time is now and you need to take action. First things first, get organized.

1. Organize

Whatever your current method is, organize it. Paper receipts, digital copies, emailed statements ... get it all together first. Separate out the accounting documents from everything else. If you are buried under a pile of paper, you could get two empty boxes and start sorting accounting into one box and everything else into the other. Search high and low everywhere - your vehicle, purse/wallet, home office, work inbox, and then move on to digital. Emailed bank statements can all be moved into a folder and out of the inbox/junk/deleted folders. If you have scanned images, put them together in a folder as well and lump them together.

It is important not to jump too far ahead to step 2, but just to organize.

2. Gather Missing Documents

Now is the time to start making sense of the #accounting documents. Using a folder system, whether it is digital or paper, create a month-by-month set of folders and sort your records into each month.

For each month in the year, make a list of all documents that you need to complete your bookkeeping. Items such as bank statements, cheque stubs, cash register receipts, and deposit slips.

Once you have the list, go through what you organized in step 1 and record what you are missing for each month. Now you will know what you need to gather and can complete the search for documents filling the gaps before moving onto the next step.

Remember ... you can ask your Bank for duplicate bank statements and use that as a starting point to backtrack your income and expenses.

3. Enter What You Currently Have

We highly recommend utilizing a cloud accounting program such as #Quickbooks to keep track of your financials. If this seems daunting, then a simple spreadsheet will suffice at this stage. Take all of the documents you have, and start entering them in. No need to analyze data at this point, it is only the data entry necessary for this step.

4. Get Accounting Help

This is the step where you call us! We will analyze the data, reconcile to the bank statements and provide you with a full summary of financials. We provide a 10-Step Inspection Checklist that assesses the health of your finances and will highlight areas that need attention.

Once you have reviewed the financials, we will work together on last items, and then finalize the #bookkeeping for you.

5. Create A Workflow Going Forward

Our process workflow document will be provided to you at this stage to follow going forward. It is a simple step-by-step that highlights what you need to do each month, how, and when, in order to stay on track. It is effective, simple, proven and it works. Follow the yellow brick road and you will find abundance at the end.

You will now be able to say you successfully completed the hard tasks and have finished the year!

**We are happy to help with your Messy Books and encourage you to Book A Consultation with us to get back on track**

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