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058 | What inspires you?

I thought today I'd change things up a bit and instead of an intellectual post, I'd write an emotional one.

I think most of us are feeling the stress around the world with the uncertainty, the constant change and lack of clarity on what is going to happen next. What will happen today even? As people we often try to control situations and when we can't, we feel out of control ourselves.

But what if we found control in letting go of control? Could we shift our thoughts to find the power in allowing what will be to be and knowing we've got this? No matter what, you've got this. You are still in control of how you feel. You are still in control of the choices you make and direction you plot your life.

So today I ask the question ... what inspires you? If you have one good positive feeling thought today it will snowball into another one. And then another one. That's how we build a snowman after all right? Until we've gone little by little building the layers and then we can stand back looking at our creation thinking, "Look at what a beautiful snowman I've built!"

If you can do just one thing today, please think about what inspires you. It'll start the positive snowball.

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Stay Positive

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