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057 | Starting the Year Off Right!

Isn't the saying true that you can always count on two things in life? Change and taxes :-)

Well let's start the #NewYear off with positive change. We can worry about taxes soon enough!

The New Year is an opportunity to reflect on the past and take the lessons learned into the future. It's been a tough year to reflect on anything other than Covid, but I'm hoping some of you were able to make lemonade of those Covid lemons.

For those organizations and charities that are still feeling the effects of #Covid-19, do you know there are many resources available to you? No need to struggle and swim upstream, when there are options that could help. It may take a little time to review all the information, but we believe it is well worth it. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.

Here is the link for the Government of Canada:

Here is the link for TechSoup - offering discounts on technology to qualifying Canadian non-profits:

And lastly, here is the link for Non Profit Ready - offering free training and courses in the non-profit sector:

We hope you will find some of these resources helpful while planning your #2022 year with positive change leading the charge.

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Starting the Year Off Right!

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