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Meet the CEO

Certified Bookkeeper & Quickbooks Expert

Jennifer Smith, CB

Over the years, I've been asked, How do you sit and crunch numbers all day? Isn't that boring? And sometimes, yes ... yes it is.  

For me, the rewards have been plenty and well worth the hours spent analyzing data. I've helped clients increase their efficiency by 45% simply by making changes & restructuring their workflow processes. I've seen a bottom line P&L increase by 20% after providing a client with a cost savings analysis. And, I've watched a non-profit organization stay afloat after helping them obtain $500,000 in funding.


​It's been a gratifying journey. I love what I do. 


Warmest regards,

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith
The Quickbooks Workshop
The Quickbooks Workshop
Quickbooks Online

The Quickbooks Workshop

In this One-Hour Workshop, you will have the opportunity to not only learn the inner workings of Quickbooks Online, but to also learn about your business finances. This one-on-one session is a great opportunity to ask about your payroll, profit margins, ways to save expenditures or how to use Quickbooks for customized reporting in your future goal setting.


In this session, we will share with you proprietary Intuit Quickbooks training materials that are only offered to Quickbooks Online Accountants. We will finish the workshop touching on the basic modules, reports and tools available to help you achieve business success.

Book your session today and get ahead of the curve.



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