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About Big Rose Bookkeeping

Big Rose Bookkeeping was created from a place of passion. Passion to help others that make a difference and leave the world a better place than they found it. Our Mission is to help businesses and organizations save time and money with automated accounting and workflows.  

Big Rose is a family owned business that started as a legacy to future generations of helpers. Our children. It is the hope that this venture will continue for decades with the goal of helping people understand numbers and how to use data to make a difference.


The company's wish is to obliterate the old adage that Accountants are boring and the profession is mind-numbing yet out dated. Technology has propelled us forward and opened the doors to a multitude of options and new ways of doing things. The old ways are gone. We want to move everyone forward to the ways our children will work.  To embrace technology and think out of the box.

We hope to take you along the journey with us. Forward.


Our Team

Our Team are creative, passionate and supportive people that enjoy helping clients. We’re part of the next generation leading the accounting industry forward using best in class cloud accounting software. 


In addition to being experienced bookkeepers with degrees in accounting, our team takes a special interest in who you are, what you do, and what your organization is trying to achieve.  

Clients have our full support and we are honoured to be a part of your journey and bring our expertise to the table.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith, CEO

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Erin Howard, CPA, Sr. Bookkeeper

Jennifer Smith is the Owner and Founder of Big Rose Bookkeeping. She is a Certified Bookkeeper with the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers, and holds a Diploma in Accounting. Her experience spans over a decade working in finance supporting large asset and property management corporations. She previously held a Strata Management license and was responsible for a multi-million dollar portfolio in Whistler, BC. Jennifer created Big Rose Bookkeeping after relocating her family to beautiful Vancouver Island. She hopes the company will be a family business one day and her children will become her business partners. 

Erin is the resident CPA at Big Rose Bookkeeping and is also one of our Senior Bookkeepers. She achieved a CPA designation in 2017 and also holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. Her background working in assurance and audit in large accounting firms is a great asset in addition to the exemplary services she offers to our clients. She is experienced working with non-profits, insurance, agriculture and manufacturing industries. We enjoy her positive approach and happy demeanour.

Sweety Rajpurohit

Sweety Rajpurohit, Jr. Bookkeeper

Sweety completed her B.Comm in 2014 and moved on to complete her MBA in 2016. She has over 5 years experience in full cycle bookkeeping in the real estate and advertising sectors. She is fully versed in technology and cloud accounting software and is a Quickbooks Online Pro-Advisor.

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